Our Team

Richard Weber – Managing Partner | Strategy

A veteran agency operative, Richard spent the bulk of his career working his way up the ladder(s) in New York, San Francisco and Austin — advancing from Account Exec to CEO of a WPP operating company. He has long witnessed the shortcomings of traditional marketing service delivery models and started AMC as a way of offering a better approach… for both clients AND practitioners. Richard has been fortunate enough to work with major brands and successful startups across verticals on a wide range of marketing and communications challenges. Today, Richard combines his passion for helping companies compete in the digital age with his mission of supporting independent service providers. Richard is likely the first person a prospective client speaks with to understand the services AMC offers. He is responsible for new client on-boarding, leading working teams and monitoring for quality control and measuring results. Above all else, Richard is focused on helping innovative companies disrupt and win in the digital age.

Specialties: Omni-channel Campaigning, Go-to-Market, Influencer Mktg., Messaging & Storytelling

Bryant Hilton – PR | Change Management

Bryant is a PR veteran of Dell, CHC Helicopter and a variety of other roles and consulting engagements over his 20+ year career. Bryant helps companies uncover unique attributes that help stand out in crowded marketplaces and finds the most effective ways to engagement audiences, particularly in complex situations. His goal is always to provide clear and consistent communications. He also has built a global reputation in internal communications developing programs to increase acceptance of organizational change, improve culture and positively affect employee engagement, and has also worked on high level crises and issue management challenges.

Specialties: Internal Communications, Crisis/Issue Management, Messaging & Storytelling, Global Perspective

Tommy Landry – SEO | Content Marketing

Tommy is a highly recognized digital marketer who has special expertise in search engine optimization, social media, SEM / PPC, content marketing and branding. His focus is in fostering communication between business/technical stakeholders at all levels, managing ambiguity and resolving obstacles. In addition to his Internet marketing work, he is also certified master life coach and e-book author.

Specialties: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing

Christopher Doran — Marketing Automation | Sales Strategies

Christopher focuses on strategic marketing for early stage software companies. He has served in a variety of marketing and general management roles, including as COO of Enverro, an enterprise SaaS workforce management solution for the resource industry. He has helped build successful sales, marketing and development teams for highly recognized companies. Christopher was also co-founder of Manticore Technology, an early market leader in the marketing automation space.

Specialties: Lead Generation, Go-to-Market, Product Development

Renee Beard — Social Selling | Design

Renee possesses a unique ability to observe, process and generate insight into human behavior as it relates to Advertising and Marketing. Renee has strong abstract thinking abilities and is an excellent storyteller who can bring a brand's story to life in new and innovative ways. Her experience in the retail vertical is particularly useful to B2C companies looking for new ways to reach customers. She c

Specialties: Strategy, Planning, Insights

Bill Peterson — Research | Go-to-Market

Bill has a deep passion for helping companies understand and exploit opportunities for growth. He has developed systems and frameworks for examining complex marketplaces, enabling confident data-driven strategy decisions. He specializes in market segmentation, research, messaging, sales models, partnering strategies, and other elements of effective go-to-market strategies. Bill has also built extensive experience in business development and M&A for software, healthcare, consumer products, and other industries.

Specialties: Strategy, Sales, Research, Partnering, Go-to-Market

Mark Norton – Advertising | Messaging

Proven marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in developing marketing strategies and advertising materials for a wide range of high-tech, B2B and B2C clients.

Rich background in writing creative and copy platforms that build brands, increase customer demand and work effectively in all forms of traditional media and the latest digital, social and non-traditional channels. Client experience includes: Cerner, Citrix, CoreLogic, KUBE Sound, McLane, Freescale Semiconductor, NetSpend, Sybase/SAP and Xerox.

Bill Brown – Digital Media (Buying)

Bill uses integrated, results-driven tools and strategies encompassing all forms of digital advertising across display, online video, mobile, and social platforms. By targeting audiences with display ads based on actual keyword searches showing consideration and purchase intent, companies can reach new consumers and influence brand preference at key times in the purchase cycle.

Specialties: Interactive, national and spot/local television, radio, print, outdoor, cinema

David Lackey – Film and Video Production

David works on a variety of projects in and around Central Texas and has significant experience transforming vanilla into chocolate. That is, creating video of otherwise mundane topics into interesting segments that audiences will want to view. As a talented artist, David uses color, sound and lighting to infuse stories with visual interest and bring them to life. As an experienced entrepreneur, David is appreciates deadlines and client responsiveness.

Eric Dorris – Video Production

Eric is an award-winning director, editor, and producer. He brings decades of experience working in creative environments with multiple companies, professional musicians, documentaries and cat videos, and he brings this perspective when creating breakthrough business promotional content. Eric is also an entrepreneur, a great listener, a clear communicator and a percussionist. The combination of these skills enable him to better understand the needs of our clients and they enhance his ability to stay with tight timelines and deliver impeccable editing, clean and clear audio, and professional production quality to any project. His use of lighting, effects, camera work means AMC clients will have something extremely special at the end of the job.

Matthew Voore – Wordpress / WooCommerce

Matthew with 18-years experience as a professional Web Designer & Developer, can deploy a custom WordPress website with e-commerce capabilities and responsive to mobile screen-sizes, with in 72 hours or less.

- Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design
- Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development & Content Writing
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Visitor Tracking
- High Converting Landing Pages (Single Product or Service)

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